Baby-Friendly Home Ideas

a baby on the bed

Arriving from the hospital with a new-born baby means you need to change the concept of your dwelling. As they grow, it has been their natural trait to be curious about things that fascinate them. For this reason, several furniture and designs of the rooms might need to be changed to avoid the lurking dangers. The latest statistics show that over one million children under the age of five are taken to hospital each year. Although the reasons vary, domestic accidents are still the leading cause of such injuries. Another cause involves suffocation and drowning. For this reason, parents are in an urgent need for a baby-friendly residence.

While it is true that there are over a thousand childproofing toys in the market, the best way to prevent the tragedy is to monitor them twenty-four hours. Indeed, no matter how prepared one is, direct monitoring is the best way to make sure that your child is safe. However, there are also things to do to your dwelling to change the situation and to mitigate such risks. Then, you can rely on the development of the baby-friendly concept.

Preventing Falls

parents kissing their babyThere is a substantial difference between a baby-proofed home and a baby-friendly home. The first refers to an environment where all the possible dangers are fully eliminated. The latter refers to creating an environment where children can explore independently and safely. When it comes to the psychological state of the baby, the latter proves to be the better choice. Then, the use of baby gates is highly advisable as more and more parents are into the item. One benefit that the item has is that it allows parents to narrow down the movement of the baby so that it will give them easy access whenever it is necessary.

Several household items are also the subject of reassessment. Carpet, for example, requires non-slip pads to be put underneath to avoid slippery floor. It is especially beneficial when the baby has started to walk. Choosing several types of equipment is also another subject of profound discussions that it is vital to select only those with excellent qualities. There are several brands offering top baby swings, and it should be your choice.

Preventing Scalds

One of the leading causes of the case is hot beverages. To avoid this, hot mugs should be kept away from the table edge or another area where the children can easily reach. The kitchen should also be a forbidden place to play for them. Thus, it is not advisable to bring your children along while you cook.